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Now, I have to say, aside from raising prices here and there I haven’t really been affected directly by most of the stuff going on. I don’t have a mortgage, etc. and while I do have credit cards and a bank account, none have been bought out or bailed out that I’m aware of. So while I’ve heard the horror stories abounding, I never really had anything to do with it.

Until 401k quarterly reports came out and now several employees are growing concerned, wanting to opt-out, and all sorts of things. In the 8 years we’ve had the program I’ve had more questions asked of me this week than any other given period of time, including open enrollments! The worst part is? I really don’t know much more than anyone else (and less than some, because I’ve never been a stocks-watcher). All I can do is give basic information, tell them what is not allowed (i.e. closing out the account, changing payroll deductions anytime other than open enrollment periods every 6 months, etc) and give them a phone number to call to talk to people who actually know what’s going on.

It also makes me almost regret not getting my securities license way back when. Granted, the life insurance license is still causing me grief as I’m on countless mailing lists even though I never used it (or the mortgage license) and both have long since expired. Still, if I’d at least taken the courses and tests I’d be better equipped to answer questions. But it’s a fleeting half-regret at most.

Spec and I are taking a bit of a mini-break this weekend to a local winery and B&B. We shall see how the latter holds up it’s “Romantic Getaway” claims. It’s almost spontaneous, or as spontaneous as I get, lol. Less than a week of planning certainly counts 🙂

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