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In case you missed the Week 1 giveaway, April is my birthday-month and I’m giving away a piece of handmade jewelry each week to a lucky commenter.


Etched Slide Necklaces

Etched Slide Necklaces


It’s Week 2 of It’s-My-Birthday-and-I’ll-Gift-if-I-Want-To!

This week’s prize is one of  the etched glass necklaces featured 2 weeks ago in our necklace post. Once again the rules are very simple:

Leave a comment on the Etched Slide Necklace tutorial page by 8pm EDT, Sunday, April 17.

That’s it: just the one rule! You can leave as many comments as you want, of course, but only the first one counts 😉

The winner (annouced on Monday the 18th) will get their pick of the necklaces I have available–there’s about a dozen with different designs and color combinations.

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