What’s a girl to do?

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So, it’s a little after eight and you’re mentally cataloging the closet, cross-referencing the weather report for tomorrow, and verifying your calendar during a commercial break. An outfit is decided upon so you go to the closet, assemble the various parts, make sure nothing needs repair or revision, and return to the television program already in progress.

Then there goes that little voice in the back of your head:

Self, it says, you know what would be great with that outfit tomorrow? A necklace. Earthy, a little chunky, basically nothing you have in your jewelry wardrobe. Too bad, it would really go great with that shirt.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, if you happen to be me you head into the Abyss (which remains navigable), collect a supply of semi-precious stone chips, a focal bead you haven’t had the first idea what to do with in 2 years, tools, and wire and make the damn thing yourself! To be honest it came out pretty doggone spiffy if I do say so myself.

Do you know how long it’s been since I just made something for myself on a whim? Me neither! It felt so good not only to be creative but to have a piece finished in 2 hours, ready to wear and pretty much the way I pictured it. Instant gratification, baby! (Something not often seen around these parts lately I might add.)

I’ll try to get a picture posted tonight, there’s no time to fiddle with that just now. Yay for new shiny!

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