Spring Fever

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I don’t know what carries it but I’ve certainly been bit… and how!

I have the attention span of a newborn fruitfly and a host of other inclinations that are best left unsaid (I would like to retain some infinitessimal shred of, um, propriety for days that I actually have to be a grown up). Woe for the unsuspecting, though, you just never know what I might come up with!

But I happened to forget my allergy pill yesterday morning and payed for it with an early night last night. Not that there was much to miss around my place, but I hate a ‘wasted’ night. Oh well, it was only knitting night and I did get a little work done on the second guantlet. I had a couple of other ideas to try out but I think it’s best to work on pattern creation when I’m not so distracted, headachey, and tired. Maybe next week?

Oh, wait. It wasn’t a total loss of an evening. I did find a very cool, very red lipstick this afternoon. I might need a different lip-liner, though. Here’s a hint for the non-girly out there: red lips really should be lined… keeps things from looking messy and prevents bleeding and feathering. Also, using a lip brush to apply give highly superior results. Yay for the return of the vamp-lip. Have I ever told the story how a total stranger stopped mid-walk on his way through a room, turned around, and said ‘Excuse me, but you have the most incredible lips’? Well, I guess I just did…

Happy Hump Day my Peeps!

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