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You know, if there is one thing, one single thing I absolutely despise about Tallahassee it’s the idiot drivers that exponentially multiply at the beginning of each college semester. Oh, I know, it’s not specific to T-town and some places are cursed with idiot drivers year-round (and we have our share of those, trust me) whereas we do get a bit of a break over the the holidays and for a couple months each Summer.

Case in point: 5 o’clock rush hour, congestion (and not just in my chest), stop and go, the usual. 2-lane left turn from Stadium onto Pensacola, I’m in the right of the two lanes, pausing at the light because Pensacola is backed up and I have no wish to block the impending oncoming traffic from Tennessee, Call and the parking garages. Locals, you know where I’m at. This little sorority chick (ZTA by her rear window sticker, big ol’ starfish hanging from her rearview mirror) in an Ivory VW (license plate beginning with A86… oh, yes, I went there) decides to pass me ON THE RIGHT while I’m making my way through the slowly clearing intersection. That blonde bimbo better be glad _I_ can at least drive because that little antic could have cost her a trip to the body shop and a hike in insurance rates. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, it would have cost DADDY…

Instant karma? That little leapfrog didn’t actually save her any time as I passed her stuck 4 cars deep at the Ocala light as I pulled into the right turn lane with no lines, no waiting. It’s small, but it’s something.

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