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And what, pray tell, is looming? Aside from deadlines I’m afraid it might be bronchitis. I was going with the hope that maybe some OJ just scorched my throat but, um, no. I took a 3-hour nap tonight and when I woke up (supposedly refreshed to do tomorrow’s comic, yeah, right) I coughed and it was there. That feel, that taste, that hideous knowledge that before the week is out I’m going to be very icky to be around. Sigh. I’m still hoping that I can stave it off (this is SO not a good time: dual deadlines at work, IKEA trip with Palmie this weekend, and the usual other things to do) or that it won’t really develop but, y’all, it’s not looking good. I went all of 2007 without a case of bronchitis, and that’s some kind of a record since way-back since I started getting this in high school. Looks like 2008 isn’t going to be so lucky. 🙁

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