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(you know, that was a typo, but I think I’ll leave it just the same 😉 )

So! This weekend? I really didn’t do all that much and I loved every minute of it! Saturday I did get some exercise in: moving furniture for delivery of the new (to me) couch and the liberation of the old loveseat. This full-size sofa also features recliners at both ends and is cushy but not overly worn like the other one. Since it is very green (hunter with navy flecks or some such) and was delivered on St Pat’s, it’s name is Patrick. Simple enough.

Palmie came over that afternoon for the Firthiness. That is basically a pleathora of Colin Firth movies, including both Bridget Jones’ movies. Those movies were the meal inspiration of the day from the infamous Turkey Curry Buffet scenes. Now, granted, I was in not rush to actually prepare and turkey curry, nor was palmie in the mood to eat one. Instead I created a mix-and-match curry buffet with three curry sauces, three starches, and three meats. It was entirely too yummy. Bowing to the ‘pressure’ (not) of the holiday, we felt obliged (more like used it as an excuse) to drink Chocolate Leprechauns (chocolate milk and Bailey’s) towards the end of the evening. We actually made Fuzzy Chocolate Leprechauns because we added Godiva as well 🙂

Alcohol = palmie stayed the night (slept on the new sofa which is long enough for normal mortals to stretch out on–once you arrange yourself correctly over the support bars for the recliner bits) so I made pancakes for brekkie accompanied by Turkey bacon. Due to the texture of microwaved turkey bacon, palmie called it Turkey Pringles and, well, yeah: they are! Texture notwithstanding, the addiction factor is high. Mmmmmm

Eventually she left to go home and veg while I did the same on my new (to me) sofa. I lounged while reading a cheesy chick-lit-mystery and then worked on some sketching when done with that. Vegging was highly important as I’ve discovered that the only way I make it through a full work-week is to spend at least 24 of the weekend 48 doing abso-freaking-lutely nothing. How I’m going to manage things like Dragon*Con in September or Mom’s Birthday cruise in June are up in the air. I’m thinking naps may be required, regardless of how much fun I’m having.

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