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Theoretically this weekend was all about the me-time, with no intrusions. Somehow, however, I spent more time with others than without! But it’s okay.

Saturday started off when palmetto and I went look for a garage non-sale of a free-cycler. Um, yeah, you can’t even remotely call it a garage sale (non or otherwise) when you’ve merely tossed stuff into your front yard all orphaned and abandoned. We did stop at a real garage sale to browse but found nothing of interest. Nothing save a dose of awkwardness when I bumped into an acquaintance from my former life. It was the mom of a friend from those days and she wasn’t aware that V and I split last year. Oh well, I imagine its gotten around a bit by now. No biggie. Probably the highlights of the morning were the stop at *$ where I found the cutest bear

gardener bearista and then our wanderings around Lake Ella with the highly inappropriate dancing frog toy.

So, back home for a bit and then time to get ready to meet Mom for the barbershap chorus salute to Irving Berlin. While highly enjoyable I must say that the only people younger than me there were the Lighthouse girls and the ones brought out for a family fun day. Still, it was very entertaining, and Mom bought me an early supper (at the same place most of the signers showed up at amusingly enough) so wohoo!

Home again and I’m working on one of the me-projects: a multi-section journal with a foldout back cover. It’s still in progress so I’ll wait til it’s finished to post a picture, but it’s very fun. I also made a smaller journal for use in an online art journal class.

And yet, as 10 o’clock approached, thoughts started straying towards meeting up with friends from the Barony at a local watering hole for dancing. Heh. It has been quite a while (we’re talking years here) since I’d been out clubbing but hey, it was fun, even if I didn’t get home until after 4am once all was said and done. Which also meant most of Sunday was shot (that pesky need for sleep…)

Still, I did make it to knitting at All Saint’s and a few errands before and after, and  I finished the class journal and constructed the stitching frame for the large journal, so not a total loss.

Back to the bookmines!

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