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Oh… shiny!

Seriously, y’all, it’s been one of those days where nothing, no-thing, was going to keep me on task. Head not in the game. Train of thought derailed. What was I talking about again?

The good news is that a small portion of the work craziness has abated, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have stacks of paperwork to be dealt with. And, really, I suppose, looking back, I did get a fair amount done, but it felt like I was a paper salmon swimming upstream, getting all soggy and bogged down in the process, towards a paper mill.

Other highlights of the day included the sole of one of my shoes decided to mostly come apart from the rest of the shoe (luckily I caught it and fixed it before it was irreparable or embarassing). True, I gave it a bit of thought and I did buy this particular pair of heels in 1999, so I suppose I’ve gotten my monies worth, but still!

Some might ascribe it, and the various computer crashes, et al. to the inauspicious date, but honestly I couldn’t care less about what numbers showed up on the calendar. I’m more in favor of the impending full moon this weekend throwing things wonky.

One thought on “TuesADDday

  1. I understand about the shoes. I repeatly resoled a pair of aigner (penny) loafers with leather soles and wood heels – they were my favorite shoes in undergrad and so got worn nearly every day for 5 years. The shoe repair guy would laugh when I came in because he knew what I wanted. :-)!

    Inauspicous Date? Not a chance. I got to see my boss dance around for joy at the good spectra and simulation fit (no one else has gotten it and we’re gonna publish it). Writing is going well. Yes I’ll be sending you something to proveread soon. The defense is 2 weeks from today and the paper version must go out no later than Monday.

    The defense date is the summer solstice, by the way. I’d been saying that the planets must have aligned correctly since the chair and the associate chair and the conference room all had room in their schedules at the same time – having the chair and associate chair on my committee is a scheduling nightmare usually. Then the associate chair pointed out that not only will it feel like the longest day to me, it will be the longest day of the year.

    Ok. I’ll stop rambling. Have a good day!


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