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Looking at the to-do list I started the week with is a bit depressing, to be honest. I was able to cross off almost half of what I _did_ get done last night and this morning. Sigh…

Tasks accomplished 8.6 of 17 (some lines have multiple parts, hence the .6)
*Comics 4 out of 4
*Articles 1.6 out of 3
*House 0 out of 4
*Websites 2 out of 5
*Book 1 out of 1

Exercise (not included in to-do list count) 3 out of 7 days

Granted, I still have time today to complete a few more bits of the article list but technically I made that list on Sunday of last weekend, so the week is already up. Time to transcribe what’s left to this week’s list along with the new goals and hope that I manage to juggle things better this time around.

Away from the numbers it looks a little different. I spent quality time with my boyfriend and Mom, accomplished my first w-t-f update schedule with Random Acts…, made a boatload of banners to prepare for advertising said strip, scripted an entire month of RA strips, fought with the comicpress themes for several days, and managed to renew talks on a new opportunity for the webcomic. So what if i did pretty much nothing on the household chores? All in all, I think it counts as a success.

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