Forced March

Everyday Adventures

Or would that be May? I always get those two confused 😉

Anyway, I debated with myself for about an hour about whether I was going to go to the grocery store today or tomorrow. I didn’t actually NEED the groceries until tomorrow evening but I knew I wouldn’t want to deal with the store PLUS cooking tomorrow night so I resigned myself the tackling the list today. And as a reward for not killing half the people in that store for being absolute imbeciles, I had dessert before dinner.

But really it’s been a productive evening. I finalized another article, started on the pictures for the third of the month (due Thursday, so I’m actually on track to not panic) and pencilled Wednesday’s comic in full and paneled and lettered Thursday and Friday. I even did penance for that dessert on the stationery bike. Not a bad evening. If I keep it up for the next two nights I’ll be able to start getting ahead by this weekend (wouldn’t that be freaking awesome!).

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