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23, y’all. That’s how many vials of blood I had drawn yesterday morning… I declare, if they don’t find SOMETHING in all that you might as well… No, not going to tempt fate.

But since I’m a numbers nerd, I wondered really how much that was:

  • 8 of the little lavendar tubes at 4mL each (32 mL)
  • 14 of the blank and red tubes at 7.5mL each (105 mL)
  • 1 of the red tubes at 10mL

147 mL The joke all day was, of course, do you have any left? Apparently I do since I get to go back today and have 1 more tube drawn after taking a double-dose of dexamethazone (corticosteroid) last night. This one will supposedly tell the doctor (by guaging the biochemical reaction to said drug) whether the Cushings Syndrome that we suspect (in conjunction with or maybe instead of the Carcinoid) is merely overproductive adrenal glands or a tumor there or elsewhere. Or at least that’s what my reading leads me to believe.

The plan is, I hope, to have all these results back by the end of the month so I can get copies to bring with me down to Shands on the 2nd. I have no idea how they handle long-distance patients but knowing what I do about different labs and proprietariness, if we can cut down on how many tests THEY need to do, it might cut down on how many times I need to drive to Gainesville in the coming month(s). This is presuming, of course, that something shows up on these tests. I won’t go into my whole spiel about it, but I still think ‘normal’ (when you know something isn’t) is the worst world in the medical dictionary, second only to ‘unremarkable’ (which is what the lab techs used in the CT report from last year).

In other news, my bedroom closet is cleaner than my bedroom, after pulling nearly everything out and then rearranging everything in the bedroom itself. I’m not 100% on where the bed is right now… I feel like I’m listing downhill when I go to sleep. Perhaps I should buy a level to see if it’s just me or if the room really does slant a bit? But I think once I get some projects done in there it should shape up to a happy space. The studio, on the other hand, is still in need of some serious attention but after a cleaning urge hit Saturday night at 2am it’s better. There’s even room to move the rest of the boxes hanging out in the front of the apartment into there so guests won’t see my american-chipboard-decorating theme. I mean, really, it’s just *so* last season…

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