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That would be my stomach this morning. So the medical portion of this week is largely over… I’ve done my part, now comes the waiting. This morning, however, is part two of the universe’s campaign to totally derail me:

Haggling with Saturn.

Now, anyone who has seen the ads, or maybe has been to a Saturn dealership, knows that Saturn has a no-haggle policy. They don’t ‘deal’ on the price of their cars. So, okay, I know this. And I’m not being naive enough to expect this. What I am asking–oh the pipe dream of it all–is for full value of my current vehicle (the one I’m trying to offload because of the issue after issue after issue) and the combining of two current incentive deals they’ve got going on all the while without raising my car payment more than $100. Yes, hope springs eternal and optimism really is folly, but if you never ask, then you’ll never know, right?

Basically I’m giving Saturn their second chance. They probably had no way of knowing that Phoebe was defective (because really, why else would I have this many bizarre electrical problems in a row…), none of the other Saturn owners I know have had this much trouble with their vehicles, so it’s a fluke. And, granted, on this most recent repair (that of the O2 sensor) they’ve done me a favor and waived the labor charges. (Of course, this was not the cheaper front O2 sensor, oh no!, this was the more expensive rear heated O2 sensor that had to be ordered–I’m only lucky I didn’t have to wait until Friday for this part, they 2nd-dayed it)

It could almost be their third chance if we count the tire incident.

See, when I bought Phoebe last year I was concerned that the tires were a bit worn. I asked about it and was told that if they were below 50% they would replace them. I brought in the car that weekend (because the very important spare tire was missing as well) and they assured me that there was PLENTY of wear left on the tires. Okay. I had my doubts, but okay.

9 months later I go to have said tires rotated. The two driver’s side tires are separating and the front passenger is wear-bar low. There was MAYBE one useable tire on that car, so at that point, buy all 4. Now, when I bought the car it had been a lease previously and had 31026 miles on it. Probably the original tires I’m thinking. So PLENTY of wear would have been what? 15K? 20K? I mean most tires are rated for 50K nowadays, aren’t they? So you tell me why 7500 (maybe) miles into that PLENTY I needed 4 new tires??? No, it doesn’t equate in my book either. But I had the money at the time and this way I knew my tires were good and it would be one less worry. But still, Saturn played me there, I’m pretty sure.

So, anyway, another day, another hassle, another hour or so lost from work (oh the lack of overtime this month will be staggering… sigh…) and another monring spent TRYING to get back on track so that I can meet that wonderfully cyclical Sales Tax deadline this week.

Here’s hoping!

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