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And last night I didn’t have it.

Well, I did, but it was all occupied by pencilling for over 6 hours straight. So that tells me that it takes just over 2 hours per page just to pencil. Tonight was all about the inking and I’m pretty much at 1.5 hours per page for that. So 3.5 hours per page (update) not including scripting (and let’s not get into the strange ordeal that turns into–you’d think it would be simple because, you know, I lived it and all, but not necessarily). Which isn’t all that bad, not really, and it tells me how much I’d need to carve out of my week if I wanted to start building that buffer again (though, as I told Spectrum, I don’t see that really happening anytime soon without a week’s vacation from the day job).

Anyway, have I done anything else other than the comic? Um, no… That’s why I’ll be drafting two articles tomorrow night to catch up with that and, then, probably spend Thursday before and after the meeting working on the WT script. Sure, that works… sorta.

Still no word from the doctor. They have through tomorrow before I have to get a little pushy. I realize that I’m not their only patient. I realize that at the time I was having my studies done, at least one if not two others were also having them done, and then however many repeats during the day. And I realize that there’s probably one, maybe two, doctors that review the studies (which is another peeve: the person going over the films is not the person I’ve talked to, knows nothing other than whatever my form says (which I didn’t get to write) so cares not one iota about my concerns… but anyway!) so it takes exponentially more time to get results. But just because there are other patients does not make my health, my issues, less important than anyone else, and 5-7 days is just rather ridiculous when you consider the ongoing issues it’s supposed to spot. Sigh… Whatever, I’ll eventually get the results and may actually have something to actually work on then. But the waiting sucks, okay?

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