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Didn’t get 2 articles drafted, but did get one article written along with the majority of the example pictures taken. It was tough getting started tonight, but progress is progress.

And speaking of…

I actually called the diagnostic place this afternoon to see if they’d finished with my file. Turns out they have faxed the report over already (she never did say exactly when) but it didn’t go through (straight from the computer apparently doesn’t send up the same sort of transmission error as the old-fashioned way).  So while they resent it to my doctor they also sent me a copy, so that portion of the wait is over!

As we thought: gallstones. Apparently several, but the gallbladder was tough to image so it was more the impression of them than a clear picture. I’ve already made an appointment for Friday morning to go over the results and discuss options. Laparoscopic surgery is generally the default and usually equals 1 night in the hospital and 1 week of rest. Whether that’s an option according to my doctor and the insurance company remains to be seen, but it’s pretty common these days and was already mentioned by my primary before she sent me for the ultrasound.

While I’m not exactly giddy over the prospect, if it really will be that simple I’m more willing to go ahead and have it done than wait for another stone to get stuck somewhere or the organ to become inflamed and go through all that another time or two before getting fed up. Plus, one source got me thinking that the heartburn, etc started getting steadily worse back in February and perhaps it’s not from the hiatal hernia (which gave me very few problems before this year) but the gallbladder acting up. It’s a possibility, from what I can tell, and another reason to go ahead and fix it sooner rather than later (aka quality of life and one less pill at night).

Nothing else of note showed up on the studies, so that’s good, too.

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