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Everyday Adventures

Things overheard at the movies Saturday:

*(while in line for tickets) “I’d rather see DaVinci Code ’cause I’m all into studyin’ an’ that crap.” (said by a very country-hick-hip boy of about 16 or 17 smoking a cigarette)

*(while waiting for palmie to arrive) “Well that’s great, maybe you should have bought food instead of porn.” (said by a woman on her cell phone, overshare much?)

*(while in the movie itself) “You know if you controlled your children they might actually behave.” (Palmie’s response was, ‘did my conscience just move three rows back and speak?’)

I will say, honestly, that I liked Over the Hedge and I would have liked it much more, I believe, were there not crying children (babies and toddlers, chain reaction style) whose parents would not leave the theatre with them, or the toddlers and small children who wandered up and down the theatre’s aisles, or if the idiots towards the front hadn’t gotten the brilliant idea to take flash photos inside the theatre about 2/3 into the movie. wtf? indeed.

Things I’m loving right now:

*The new Rosemary crackers by Carr: incredibly buttery and flavorful without being overpowering. And the box is that perfect shade of sage green (I know, shouldn’t it be rosemary green, but no).

*The very real possibility of a Disney weekend next month.

*That I believe I’ve picked the cruise for Mom’s 50th birthday next June: two days completely at sea framing a day spent docked in Cozumel.

*That it’s Monday, which means enough accumulated podcasts to take me through most of the day.

Things I’m working on:

*Prep for the Sunday night feast at Coronation. 15 eggplant casseroles are completed (topping to be added on site) and 6 of the 8 required lambikins are in my fridge waiting to be stuffed and rolled this week before finding homes in other people’s freezers.

*Several knitted Christmas presents. Go me!

*Designing a calendar geared towards my schedule and the schedule of those like me. Stay tuned.

Things I want to get back to:

*Painting. I want to get a large canvas painted for above my couch.

*Decorating. I really need to do something with the apartment.

*My own websites. Serious overhalul needed of the site in general and the store site.

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