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How many times have we seen, both in art and in life, a girl chasing after a guy, but the guy is all ‘you’re not my type’? Or vice versa, really, because the pursuit is not restricted to one sex, or even to heterosexual relationships for that matter. But I digress.

So. I’m at the pool party (and let me just say that it was totally wonderful to see some old friends for the first time in ages), hanging out, chatting with strangers, etc. and I end up talking to this guy who’s really nice, really interesting, can carry on a great conversation, etc. But as we’re talking, comparing divorce stories, etc. I hear him saw things like he wants an earth woman, a hippie girl, he wants to marry once more and have another daughter. So while I’m talking to him, interested and all, I’m totally realizing that, frankly, I’m not his type.

No big deal right?

Well, we wandered off from each other kind of thing and then bumped into each other again, chat off and on for a bit, then he says he wants to talk to me in private. Well, lo and behold he’s *seriously* interested in me and all I can think is, I don’t want the same things he does. And he’s intense, almost like he’s telling me I don’t know what I want. But isn’t this bizarre?

Palmetto says I’m the heroine of my own chic lit novel. This doesn’t exactly dissuade that rumor, no?

Did I mention that, in the process of trying to find someplace quiet to talk, we ended up in the LAUNDRY ROOM (and thank goodness there was a window or it would have been way to claustrophobic in there) and, well, it’s a pool party and people are starting to leave so things are being tossed into the dryer and people keep sticking their head in… Sigh…

I tried to explain that I really thought he was in the throes of infatuation and to give it time to wear off a bit before going overboard. I’ve seen this before. Does that sound overly conceited or??? Seriously, this is not the first time that some guy who I’ve only met an hour or two ago is spouting forever-isms and such. I don’t know if its pheramones or maybe they see my dogged independence as a challenge, I don’t know…

Anyway, kind of a surreal ending to a surreal day. We’ll see if anything really comes of it (I have my doubts, but hey, I was interested in him before the intense bits so…)

2 thoughts on “roles reversed

  1. I had no idea your complex was so lively! Too bad I missed it…sounded like fun – surreal, if anything.


  2. Re: Chick lit moments: sometimes the most attractive qualities possible are availability and interest. Or the hope that at least one of those can be achieved.
    Beware people who value their ideas about you so much they won’t listen to you yourself… If the person in their head is so great, they should stick to dating her.

    BTW, if you’re still doing the Herb Guild thing, you might like this link, Yale university historical medical texts.

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