The monkeys are quiet

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Because I got so very much done this weekend.

Needless to say, no plans materialized from RockStar (so glad I didn’t clear my Saturday night on that ‘maybe’ earlier this week) but it was just as well. Friday night I went through 7 boxes of office stuff: sorting and tossing, those now-empty boxes are being filled by Izzy since she’s getting ready to move next month. Then yesterday I did a bit more organizing, edited my third eHow article for the month (whew! contract fulfilled for this month!), and drew Tuesday’s RA. Thursday’s is almost finished as well.

Then a really odd thing happened. Last weekend we has such hellacious storms that power went out for several hours. Well, last Saturday night (after the storms the previous night) I noticed that the tv picture was a bit, uh, off. Basically there was a big green splotch in the lower left corner and the left vertical third had a decidedly blue tinge. I mean, you could see everything, but the colors were off. Mom had been talking about getting me a bigger set for Christmas this year anyway, and she’s saying it might just be an early gift with this development. In the mean time, if it got to me too much I could grab the tv from Drew’s room since it wasn’t being used.

Exposition over, on to today: I decide that (what with Palmie and I planning to hang out on Friday and as movies will probably happen) today would be a good day to grab the tv so I clear everything but the modem/router off the stand and head to Mom’s. When I get there (and Mom isn’t, but I have a key) I see that Drew’s tv is not just like mine (like I’d thought) and that I’d need to borrow the DVD player as well–I just decided to wait until I could talk to Mom this week. No biggie.

Knowing that the few shows I still watch will be on tonight, I put the tv back up on the stand and turn it on to make sure moving it didn’t completely kill it, right? Dude. It not only worked, the color was fixed. Seriously. The hell? I mean, there’s still a minor ghost of a shadow in the lower left corner, but it’s not bright green and the blue tint is gone. Go figure. Obviously something must have been loose and moving the set around jiggled it back into place (I’d figured the set had received a minor zap from the lightening last week, since it was coincidental) but how did it come loose since I haven’t moved the tv in months and months? Really.

Who knows, I’m just glad whatever it is decided to resolve itself. You know, I never did think to give it a good whack when it messed up. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when stuff like that happens? Whack the hell out of it and get it to straighten up?

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