2 1/3 laps!

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Wohoo! I was doing so well on my walk today (the walk I had almost convinced myself to skip before leaving work) that I switched over to another playlist and walked two more songs as I circled around the first connector before heading back to the car. Go me! Of course, now my calves are screaming at me and I have a blister on my index toe, but it’s a small price to pay. (Remind me of this tomorrow when it hurts to move???)

Anyway, so further on to the goal of self-improvement I saw something come across the Digg feed last night about ‘sleepy geeks’. Basically the theory is that those who watched television or were online up until bedtime slept worse than those that didn’t. Fair enough, I suppose, I mean there’s at least some validity in the idea that a busy brian does not a peaceful sleep make. So this week I figure I’ll try it out.

Since I aim for bed at 11pm, I’ll do a media black-out starting at 10pm. The intervening hour I’ll use for pleasure reading, research (that’s fun too, and much more low-key, honest!) reading, or working on the comic. A month or more ago I cut out food after 9pm (to prevent digestion competing with sleep and to not pack on late-night calories) so I’ve got a nice little stair-step going.

It also occurs to me that I’m starting to have the care and feeding guidelines of a Mogwai. At least /I/ get weekends off without turning Gremlin 😉

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