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That’s what I wish I were in the middle of 😉

So, after Friday-night’s entry I’ll bet you thought I was done for the night and heading for bed. Me too. Then I got some freakish second wind and stayed up til two or three in the morning pulling stuff out of the Abyss. I got enough done so that I could at least drag the 6-foot table over to its new position. There was still a pile of stuff in the center of the room that was mostly magazines I needed to go through. Rather than drag them out and add even more clutter to the rest of my apartment (oh my word, the chaos, y’all… it’s spreading!!!) I just left them where they were (lazy!) and worked around them.

Apparently the hellacious storm knocked out the power just after I went to sleep because the clocks were blinking when I got up just shy of noon. I moved some more stuff, went through the first few magazines, then decided to escape for a bit.

Chelsea and Van have opened a new bookstore: Word Traffic Books on Lafayette (between Lindy’s and Wooly Bully) and their grand opening was Saturday so I had to go check them out. Very cool space. I didn’t get a chance to go back and knit today but maybe next week. Go by and, uh, go buy! lol

Other errands of the day included Office Depot, World Market, and Dollar Tree. Then home for more organizing. I finally got around to working on the lamb again, only to have the weather turn bad. I didn’t want to end up with the power going out mid-roast so I stopped and waited, then after an hour the storm died down. Well, rats. By the time I started (again) it was way too late to roast it that night, and just as well as the lightening started up again! It was not my night… But I did manage, over the course of the day, to assemble the new bookcase and go through a full stack of magazines, reducing it from a full foot to a mere inch and a half of tear-sheets. I still have a /lot/ of work to do before this space is workable (not to mention getting the choas out of the rest of my apartment) but it’s on the horizon!

Then the weirdest thing happened: I had a dream about a guy–that I know! Now, y’all have to understand that I almost never dream about people I know. Almost all of the figures in my dreams are strangers, composites, etc. Occasionally I’ll dream about someone I haven’t seen or talked to for a while (so then I’ll go an call–or, rather, email–them to see how they’re doing). But I seldom dream about people I’m actively in contact with. Except this one guy. Now, you’d think that since RockStar just called I would have dreamed about him but nooo… It’s this other guy. And all we are is friends, he’s a great guy from what I know, and it’s not like I’m having sex-dreams about him about him or anything, actually in this last dream he was a bit of an ass (which is usually not the case), but he keeps. showing. up.

Back to the title of this post: If this were like a Friday or Saturday night, the mood I’m in would have me getting dressed up and heading out to a club. I’m just in one of those moods where I really want to find some trouble to get into, just to shake things up a bit, but the timing’s bad so I’ll be Miss Goodie-two-shoes, work on the Abyss some more, watch Army Wives and head to bed. Sigh…

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