Just barely in front of the 8-ball

Everyday Adventures

I need to go back out to St Michael’s and shoot some pool. But not this week, I’m thinking… too much to do!!!

Tonight was all about getting the comic done and uploading my lamb article. Both done, the latter still needing to be proofed a bit before submitting to the editors (that can be done tomorrow night, I’m thinking, leaving me free to work on the next webcomic article Wednesday at All Saints’; I just need to decide if I want to do an illustration or two for that one or leave it picture-free). And coughing. Blech, I managed to irritate my throat somehow. Scraps smash! Grr. Cough.

Anyway! Can I get a major WoHoo! because I have now reconciled up through the entirety of 2006! Yes! I am basically current (yes, there’s still the first seven months of ’07 that need to be done, but being in the same year is tantamount to being caught up when you were over 2 years behind last week!). But tomorrow I need to get back to the normal invoicing and billing (two different things, one set goes out, the other comes in) before digging into this year. Thank goodness I was ahead of the game for a few weeks, otherwise I would have been working nights and weekends to get all this done.

And, um, let’s see… anything else of note? Oh, RockStar called earlier to basically tell me to sleep well. Thoughtful. Odd, but thoughtful. Of course I was cut and pasting the eHow article into the webform so I was a smidge distracted, but it’s okay. I appreciate that someone thinks about me enough to call for such a simple reason. It’s sweet.

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