The Blahtobahn

Everyday Adventures

Ever have one of those days? One of those days when things start out fine but somehow you end up in the never-ending circle, going 120 mph, but instead of having an engine your foot-powered like the Flinstone’s car and trying not to get run over. Then you finally edge towards an exit only to find yourself tired and worn out and not caring about much and just feeling generally Blah? That is the power and effect of the Blahtobahn.

Yesterday was spent trying to get off that blasted circle. I realized I needed to just accept some things and allow myself time to process. But I also knew that if I went home and did absolutely nothing for the night I would feel even more useless today; not really an option. I picked up a dinner usually reserved for ‘breakup eating’: Tyson barbecue wings, potato salad, and ice cream (the latter soy-based because, well, yeah, the real stuff isn’t so much an option these days; believe it or not, you can get used to it, sorta). So I forced myself to work on two projects, throwing a set amount of time to each, then took myself to bed very early with a book, read for maybe 30 minutes, and then slept for about eight hours.

Wow, I feel better. Apparently I need to do that every now and again. It may not be the best thing according to some blow-hard doctors out there, but a certain amount of self-indulgence costs a lot less than hours on a therapists couch and $$ for antidepressants.

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