the 17th Art: Shiny, Sparkly Jewelry!

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Okay, officially the 17th art is

Ivory or mother-of-pearl ear ornaments

but, hey, we didn’t talk about jewelry with the previous (style) art and there’s not another one coming up on the subject so we’re going to go beyond the simple and discuss and play for a little while on the subject of jewelry.


When I was in high school I had several of the same teachers year after year. One in particular, an English and Gifted Studies teacher, I remember wore the exact same jewelry every day: gold earrings, matching gold rope-link bracelet and necklace set and her wedding rings. And I thought it would be terribly boring to wear the same pieces day after day.

My Daily AccessoriesI mean, where’s the fun in matching your earrings to your outfit or what if you just don’t feel like wearing gold one day?

Fast forward almost 2 decades and damn if I don’t do the same thing.

Several years ago I decided I would no longer wear yellow-gold jewelry. I just didn’t like the way it looked with my skin or the way it could so easily look fake, even if it wasn’t. Silver, white gold or platinum (in my dreams) was it. In fact, I actually took all that gold jewelry to one of those cash-for-gold places for extra spending money before a cruise.

The rings I bought for myself (more on that whole thing in another post), the earrings are from the cruise to Mexico that I sold the gold jewelry for (not exactly recycling but, hey, what can you do) and the necklace was a gift from Todd our first Christmas together.

I do have other jewelry–a whole armoire full (if I every got around to unpacking them) and I swap out some pieces here and there, but I stick to the basic pieces to make mornings easier.


What’s your style: minimalist? pile on the glitz? same stuff every day? or every day a different look?

9 thoughts on “the 17th Art: Shiny, Sparkly Jewelry!

  1. I never did care for yellow gold very much, I think it was the “so easily look fake” aspect of it that you mentioned… I mean We went to the same HS, there was more than enough huge door-knocker earrings in that orangey gold shade to turn anyone off from it. LOL. I mainly stuck with the white gold and silver although the wedding/engagement set from my first marriage was platinum, that is all I’ve ever had that was. I have a TON of jewelry, but I hardly ever wear any of it. I tend to go for classic pieces, antiques or something really different. I want something quality over cheap costume… which isn’t to say I wouldn’t take vintage costume. At times I find THIS more out of my price range than the real deal! LOL I have some lovely things that I inherited from my mother. mostly rings which I’ve never been a fan of wearing other than my wedding set, pearls and some jade pins. My husband has excellent taste and surprises me with some very nice and out of the ordinary things now and again. Just last summer at the ren faire he told me he was going to the potty and took forever, then he just pops up and puts this gorgeous silver and garnet necklace on my that I’d been oogling in the i-can’t-afford-it case at the resident jeweler. never did post about it on my blog, I guess I should have.

    Your posts bring out the chatty cathy in me!

  2. In hs, I wore different things every day and had a ring on every finger, ankle bracelets, toe rings…now everything I wear Ben gave me, so it’s sentimental.

    1. That’s so sweet! And it’s the reason why I almost always wear the same necklace, because it was a gift from Todd and it’s so dear to me. Only occasionally will I wear a different, outfit-matchy one from my collection (sad to made jewelry and almost never wear anything but the same five pieces, lol).

      Of course, he just needs to give me more jewelry so I can have a selection that’s still sentimental, lol! (kidding, honestly… well, mostly, lol).

  3. The only thing I wear he didn’t give me is a charm bracelet I had an artist friend make me. It’s got a heart and three charms that say Bitty, Bear and Ben….

  4. I also love a saying my grandmother used to say, “If you can’t compete with the diamonds, wear pearls.”

    1. Love it! Was your grandmother also of the generation who believed you didn’t wear diamonds before 4pm?

      My motto has always been ‘why waste good jewelry?’ (usually said in regards to old boyfriend gifts, lol)

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