That Damned Red Light

Everyday Adventures

What was it that put me over the top last week for having a ‘bad week’?

That Damned Red ‘Service Engine Soon’ Light.

And what was it that took two trips to Saturn and more than two hours away from my work week last week?

That Damned Red ‘Service Engine…’ Light.

And what was it that cost me $350 to get turned off last week?

That Damed Red ‘Service…’ Light.

So what did I least expect to see as I drove home from Publix yesterday afternoon?

That Damned Red Light.

# # #

Back to Saturn Phoebe will go today and I really hope that its something simple, that one connection wasn’t tight enough and after driving around for two days it came loose. But honestly, my odds aren’t that good, so I’m not placing that bet.

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