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the picture of Cosmopolitan Singlehood Sophistication? I mean, there I was by 7 o’clock last night in a t-shirt, flannel leggings, fuzzy slippers and my hair pulled up and tied with a ribbon from a perfume I’ll never make enough money to afford sitting amidst the detritus of my living room in it’s post-shuffle state. Tres chic as I sorted through paid bills, unread magazines, dvds and cds without sleeves and various other flotsam and jetsom.

Why is it that a room looks worse when there’s a few odds and ends still scattered about than when everything is piled up on the floors? Is it because of it’s unfinished state? I mean, even in total chaos a room that’s been dismantled is still in a recognizable state. I suppose that the odds and ends that defy easy classification and/or that are without homes just appear more clutter-ful than things waiting to go back to their appointed places. Poor detritus orphans lol

Some would say that if they don’t have a place then they go in the trash. I don’t necessarily agree with that since somethings I just ran out of shelf-space for or need a second CD binder to hold the extras.

I did hang up the wonderfully cheesey sunflower painting I did to go over the sofa. I need to adjust the lamps a bit more to keep it from darkening things up but other than that I think it works okay. I like that it’s cheesey, made even more so with a bit of dimensional paint and a silk butterfly added. I’m a little excited about having a room that doesn’t look like so many disparate pieces tossed together for once. And being able to put the incredibly cheesey painting on the wall, and cover the couch however I want are little steps of freedom I haven’t been able to take before. Nice to know I can still discover a bit more spine at the ripe age of 30 😉

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