The Reluctant Little Ewok

In The Doghouse

Thanks, as always, to Oriental Trading for partnering up with us for another Halloween series!

Some say there’s a definite generation gap between those who like the ewoks from Return of the Jedi and those who don’t. I am in the former category and adore the little fuzzy faces with their stiff-legged walk, their smooshed-in faces, and their happy little song and dance number. So of course I picked the Star Wars Ewok dog costume for Duncan. to try on!


Unfortunately, it was not his best look. I think this costume would look fabulous on fuller-faced, fuzzier-faced pups, but the long snout and small head of a Basset just doesn’t fill it out the way I would have liked.


And Darth Vader would have been much more appropriate for his terrorizing temperament, lately, anyway. Oh, well, can’t win ’em all!

This costume also gave us an excellent example of sizing mishaps–it’s designed in two pieces, with a body that goes on both front and back legs. Yeah, not on a long-bodied Basset Hound! But the head piece absolutely swam on him, even with the drawstring under the chin, so there you go. Still, it’s easier to take something in that’s too large, so buy for the largest measurement and take a few careful stitches where necessary (kind of like bridesmaid dress shopping). And if you do end up with something a little too snug, most of these costumes are fitted with Velcro closures along the chest and/or belly, so a strip of similarly-hued fabric with your own hook and loop tape on the ends will ensure the costume stays put without being seen.

Which brings us to our Dog-a-ween tip of a week: If you’ll be taking your furry friend out after dark, especially if they’ll be wearing a dark costume, make sure you take steps to make them as visible as you would yourself. Reflective tape on the leash  and on the costume are both excellent ideas. You could also attach glow bracelets or necklaces in places the pooch won’t be tempted to chew them off.

Now, to match your dystopian space dog, there are plenty of costumes on the market for you and your entire family! The closet cosplay options are varied, too, but I’m rather fond of the forest looks of Han and Leia, like below.

Han & Leia


We have one more costume to go, and I definitely saved my favorite for last. Make sure you come back next Thursday to find out what it is!

Trio of stuffed toys in ribbon

Craft of Opportunity


I don’t generally come up with projects that can easily be accomplished in one night.

Case in point? Something I dreamed up for the book launch, this Saturday, that required an hour and a half in Lowes as part of date night (not that Todd minded, of course), and a few hours on Sunday with power tools (Todd, again, he didn’t mind) and still has 2 more nights of work ahead before it’s finished.

Even when it’s not a wood and tools sort of thing, there’s almost always a need for a trip to this store or that for the one last supply, running out of something or just can’t find it.

So imagine my surprise when I found a project on Thursday, had everything I needed already in the Abyss, and was finished before Saturday evening came around!

Still not a one-night project, but it’s as close to instant gratification as I can get!

Wanna see what I made?

2 storm trooper stuffed figures and a darth vader bean bag toy

These ARE the toys you're looking for!

The patterns came courtesy of Show Tell Share (Darth Vader, Storm Trooper). Vader was meant to have white embroidery but I came across some black bugle beads while searching for my chalk pencils, so decided he could use some shine to his details. He was also supposed to be felt, but I had some nylon-ish stuff leftover from a Halloween costume many moons ago, so he’s not exactly squishable. But he is filled with lentils and lavender because, really, who needs to chill out more than ol’ Dark Helmet here.

Darth Vader bean bag toy with beaded face

The pair of storm troppers (can’t have just one, it’s a clone thing) are rather squishable, though, being filled with your basic poly-fil stuffing. Their appliques are made from the same nylon-ish stuff as Vader, though, so I hit the edges with Fray Check before sewing them in place with a simple running stitch. Talk about quick!

Storm Trooper stuffed toy

I can't shoot but I sure am cute!

A funny thing happened while I was stitching up the storm-faces–working on the visor bits the rest was just sort of hanging over my hand. Todd started looking at me funny and it turns out that when turned upside down, our otherwise stalwart troppers look like happy little dudes in strapless bras!

Upside-down storm trooper toy that looks like a happy face in a strapless bra.

These little dudes will not be staying with me, though. Like many of my craft projects, they have a higher purpose (or something like that). See, a friend’s birthday is today so this really was an opportune find. She happens to own a storm trooper outfit so I know she’ll get a kick out of them.

Trio of stuffed toys in ribbon**here I am, stuck in the middle with you**

Have you made anything quick and fun, lately?


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