Star Trek and Sewing: March 2015

In The Studio

My binge watch for March ended up being Star Trek, the Original Series. I’ve tried watching it in the past but just couldn’t get into it, finally chalking it up to the very heavy “space Western” vibe of the first season. Strangely enough, I really enjoyed Firefly, though, so it’s not like space-Westerns are all bad.. But something about TOS just wasn’t doing it for me.

But! With the passing of Leonard Nemoy, it seemed fitting to give the series another go. I’d made it through a big part of season 1, so this binge was mostly seasons 2 and 3. Season 2 was pretty awesome, so now I’m really glad to have watched it. Season 3? Todd kept asking ‘did you get to the space hippies?’ every time he’d pass my office door. So much that I wondered if it was one of those episodes I just listened too and never looked up during.

Nope. He assured me I wouldn’t be able to miss it, and he was right.

Direct link for the feed readers: Star Trek: The Way to Eden, Main Jam in Lounge

Dude, that’s trippy.

And the series finale? Seeing Kirk have an absolute hissy fit on the bridge was a bit of a treat. Though, in my head, I keep hearing him scream ‘respect my authority’ a la Cartman, which just makes it even more funny.

I’m still a Next Gen fan, but at least I can make that statement fully informed.

What was I doing while Kirk, Spock, and McCoy duked their way through the galaxies? Mostly Sewing.

Since this was the first month we had fabric in hand, I had two Love My Fabrics projects go live:


jvanderbeek_lovemyfabrics_botanicgarden_fabricbasket_fabriceggs_easterdecorFull write-ups and links to their patterns are available on the Love My Fabrics blog: Eggs, Basket I also have a pair of doll outfits going up on Tuesday, using the same fabric set (Botanic Garden, available in a fat quarter pack on etsy)

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

For Helmar, this month’s assignment fell due just before Todd’s birthday, so I used it as a kick in the pants to actually make his birthday card instead of buy it. That we’re both in accounting makes the card make more sense.

jvanderbeek_helmar_numbersbirthday_cardI also have a cute little decoupaged bunny hanging going up today!


Finally, over on Gauche Alchemy, the March challenge was to use a quote in our work, and I used the “keep moving forward” quote from the end of Meet the Robinsons for mine. I also learned how to make animated gifs so I could show a (somewhat rapid-fire) time-lapse progress of the canvas I made for the challenge. I think I’ll slow the frame rate down a bit next time.


I also have a secret knitting project in the works and, of course, have been busily “crafting” the business plan for The Crafty Branch. It’s not done yet (bother!) but it’s really coming along and I feel really good about what I do have put together so far. April’s gonna be a big month!



Thursday Project Update

Everyday Adventures

I intended to have the next 64 Arts post for you lovely folks today but in one of those happy happenstances that you just can’t say no to (without major regret, and I make it a point to never have regrets I can avoid) a project dropped into my lap this week and I’m busy grinding away at it right now to make a very tight deadline. This might affect next week’s posts, too, but we’ll see how much of everything I can get done this weekend.

But just so this isn’t a “nothing” update, I have been a busy little bee, lately. If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen this picture on Saturday:

At ALT*Con, Tallahassee, FL, 4-13-2013

At ALT*Con, Tallahassee, FL, 4-13-2013

That would be yours truly in a chef coat I altered to make into a Star Trek officers uniform–pretty snazzy, right? (Think Wrath of Khan era, not the recent reboot–though I’m looking forward to seeing Into Darkness, maybe even in the theater, at that!) I still have some trim to add to it (thin gold ribbon along the black, since I opted for a flag officer’s rank), but it did okay for a first time out. The insignia, comm badge, etc. are all made out of Sculpey. I have pictures to do a full project page on but I can’t decide if it would go best here, the cookbook site, or my main comics site. Decisions, decisions.

Oh, well, enough for now, I’ve got to get back to work! (Full details once everything is all said and done–it’s not nice to announce projects before your client does, you know?)