Getting Ready for Our Close-Ups

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

The night before our engagement shoot would normally have been our weekly date night. Instead we were rushing around until a bit later than we’d intended pulling together our outfits and props for the next day.

We’d procrastinated the whole glasses situation, but I managed to put in an order on New Year’s Day and have my new, frame-free eyewear in hand in a little over a week. Mr. Road Trip, on the other hand, hadn’t even gotten an appointment by then, so picked up some reading glasses similar to his existing frames to use as stunt specs on the day of.

As far as wardrobe went, we planned for 3 outfits to roughly correspond to our 3 locations. For the shoot at Honey Lake Plantation we wanted something a bit bright to stand out against all that nature without clashing violently with it or each other. (Obviously the items in the sets below are NOT what we wore, just the closest representations I could find on polyvore).

HLP Engagement Outfit
HLP Engagement Outfit (click for source links)

Next was our stop at Lofty Pursuits–our local soda fountain. There was one inspiration picture at a bar or some sort, with neutral tones and the woman in this amazing red dress. We weren’t planning that swanky of a stop, but I figured it could be kinda neat in an incongruous way.

Lofty Pursuits Engagement Outfit
Lofty Pursuits Engagement Outfit (click for source links)

Then, finally, we would relax a bit at the comic shop. Time for jeans and fun, but I still had to include some awesome shoes (mine were hot-pick cap-toes–you’ll see) and even though he could have, T opted to forgo one of his many geeky T-shirts for another of his button-down shirts with a nice pattern to it (hence my clumsy grid over the shirt I used in a previous set).

Comic Shop Engagement Outfits
Comic Shop Engagement Outfits (click for source links)

As for props, we definitely had to bring some wine, glasses, a blanket, and a basket with us. That, plus the banner were the lion’s share of any props we thought of using. Then we had the cute idea to try to include a monkey in as many shots as possible, just a silly little something somewhat “unique” for the shoot. Since we had plenty of monkeys around the house, the trouble was in picking which ones were best to bring with. We settled on 3 of the plush variety and the sparkly necklace one Mr. RT gave me birthday before last that I wear most days.

How did you decide what to wear for your photos–did you shop especially for them or shop your closet?