RBBiz Day 8: Dr. Eric Maisel

Creative Business

Oooh, lots of good stuff on Thursday’s Summit session.


While Dr. Maisel said a lot of really thought-provoking things, he expressed himself very matter-of-factly, was very realistic, cut and dried, and down to earth but–and this is the big thing–without coming off as condescending or judgmental. So much so that I really enjoyed listening to what he had to say and have added several of his books (Why Smart People Hurt, Life Purpose Boot Camp, and others) to my reading list because I suspect there’s a lot of smart things to learn there about making our worlds into what we want.

I recognized some of the things I already practice in some of what he said (the cognitive therapy of assessing and correcting thoughts that serve no positive purpose, for instance) but, like previous presenters, the way he was able to encapsulate it was brilliant. As you would hope from someone who’s spend a lot of time working on these themes!

I know a lot of people in the chat recognized habits when he compared creativity to the ups and downs of bipolar disorder (not trivializing bipolar, just that we share common traits when we’re in the thick of a new project). He was also very clear to point out that the work is hard–doesn’t matter what work it is–but that if we decide the work has meaning (very big on the conscious choices of designating meaning and purpose to our lives) then even the hard/low/frustrating/maddening parts aren’t near as bad as if we decided the pursuit was meaningless.

Let that sink in a moment.

Only one more day to go on the 5th (and still possibly final, at least in this form) Right Brainers in Business Summit. And it sounds like it’s going to be pretty epic with SARK as the guest!

Won’t Do What?

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

Over on the Wedding Bee forums there was a discussion that came up about the well-known Meat Loaf song: I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That). Exactly what, the poster wondered, wasn’t he going to do?!

Well, I happen to be a pretty big fan of the Loaf’s work, especially his collaboration with Jim Steinman on the Bat Out of Hell Trilogy which is where we get this sweeping production of a 12 minute (album edit) song.

So I thought it would be fun to figure out exactly what is it the singer isn’t going to do. (Oh, like you haven’t had those days where you spend a few hours idly contemplating the meaning of song lyrics. We can’t all be striving for the Nobel prize with every waking thought, can we?)

Just from a careful listen to the lyrics we find out he specifically will not

      1. forget the way you feel right now
      2. forgive himself if they don’t go all the way tonight
      3. do it better than he did it with you
      4. stop dreaming of you every night of his life
      5. treat you like a fling and move on
      6. screw around on you
Not a bad list of don’ts for any dude, come to think of it.

Those sorts of things also remind me of another song, one more on the tell end of the show don’t tell theory of wordplay.

Yes, I just Rick-rolled you. But not at all sneakily, so I don’t think it really counts. Remember, there was a time when we thought this song was good without it being a meme!

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What song did you just never “get”?