Interview with a Do-Gooder: Bed Days

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I am an information junkie. Chances are, if you’re reading this or any other blog, you are, too. Several years ago I “discovered” iTunes and the glory that are free podcasts and, somehow (seriously, I’m not sure how since I wasn’t into yoga at the time or anything like that) I stumbled across Kimberly Wilson. At the time her podcast was called hip tranquil chick (now tranquility du jour), the same as her wonderful book about living the tranquil life on and off the yoga mat, and her podcast focused not only on yoga but on creativity, and entrepreneurship, mindful style and just a host of wonderful topics–I was instantly smitten.

Kimberly is a total inspiration–both in business and in life–and one of the many ideas of hers I love is that of the Bed Day. Knowing that the art of bed arrangements was coming up I held my breath (as one does when one is emailing an admired A-list blogger out of the blue) and requested an interview. Despite recovering from shoulder surgery, attending summer classes for he MSW and leading a retreat in Costa Rica she graciously accepted my request.

Without further fawning, here is what she had to say about Bed Days.

*  *  *

Scraps: What is a Bed Day, exactly? What made it a mindful practice instead of that feeling we all have of days we just don’t want to engage?

Kimberly: A bed day is a day of complete extravagance focused on replenishment. It’s mindful because it is conscious with a focus on nurturing your spirit.

Scraps: It’s natural that a Bed Day would be restorative but do you keep them as mental health days or do you actually take work with you to bed?

Kimberly: Bed days serve the purpose of forgoing being “on.” I’ll pull together my day’s work or writing (if necessary), stay in pajamas, gather hydration, and don lipgloss. It’s a mental health day with a twist. It’s sure to make your to-dos a bit more fun!

Scraps: Name, if you would, your top 3 must-haves for a hip tranquil chick Bed Day.

Kimberly: Pot of tea, beloved pets, good book. Additional must-haves include carafe of water with mint leaves, phone,laptop, planner pad, scented candle.

Scraps: Is there a particular set of preparations that go with a bed day that is pre-scheduled (and, for that matter, are they all planned or do spur-of-the-moment bed days work, too)

Kimberly: I prefer to schedule my bed days as my day-to-day doesn’t allow much open space. So to be sure I get them in monthly or quarterly, I will write them into my planner. It gives me something to look forward to!

Scraps: Finally, what is absolutely not allowed during a bed day (if anything)?

Kimberly: No heavy talks. Bed day is meant to be light, productive (if necessary), and therapeutic to the spirit.

*  *  *

Sounds absolutely delicious, doesn’t it?

Many thanks to the original hip tranquil chick for sharing with us, today. You can find out more about about Kimberly, her new book, and the rest of her tranquil empire at