Going With the Flow

Everyday Adventures

Hello you beautiful, wonderful ladies! (and any handsome gents who may also be joining us, of course!)

Here’s the thing: I finished a Character Cocktail this past weekend and it felt soooo good to be back at my drawing desk that I really feel more in a draw-y mood right now and less in a bloggy one (which is a shame since I have several posts in the works but none ready to hit publish on). Since progress on the cookbook has been slow to nonexistent over the past few weeks, I’m seizing the opportunity and the impetus while it’s here.

In the mean time, I just listened to a fabulous installment (they all are, but this one really spoke volumes to me) of tranquility du jour, the podcast by Kimbery Wilson whom you may recall from my interview about Bed Days. Well, this podcast featured Bronwyn Simmons and, talk about a kindred spirit as far as creativity goes! At first I thought, I want to be her when I grow up… then I realized I’m over halfway there, the more I listened!

I still want to be like her when I grow up, who’m I kidding?

So, today, instead of having fun with pearls, I’m gonna go bang out some pages for the cookbook. I encourage you to check out The Artful Life, Bronwyn’s blog, as well as her interview with Kimberly, if you want to be inspired and encouraged towards daily creativity.

We’ll be back to discussing jewelry, soon–no chance I’d let one of my favorite topics go by for too long!