Something you don’t want to see…

Everyday Adventures

Three police cruisers parked outside your building when you arrive home.

I’m still not exactly sure what happened. The car at the far end of the building had doors open and the hood raised. As no one was in handcuffs or being patted down but the car seemed to be in the process of a search, I can only conclude that it had been broken into or vandalized. The six officers busying themselves around the area was looking in various places, in bushed nearby, etc., so perhaps things were taken from the car–maybe even an engine cable or belt or some such–and they were hoping it was tossed nearby?

I have no idea. But I think if anything happened to that vehicle (by far one of the older ones in our lot, rather dusty and rundown looking) it must have been for a specific reason (revenge?) or something left in plain sight on a seat. This is what I’m telling myself to keep me from worrying overmuch about my own car just a dozen spaces down which is not even a year old. I do refrain from keeping anything (of value or not) in the car, so that’s not really an issue.

Still, not something that is reassuring.

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