Sluggish Tuesday!

Everyday Adventures

Somehow that exclamation point seems grossly out of place… Anyway!

I managed to be semi-productive at work and then head out to the NaNo Kick-Off. Whee! There were 9 of us, total. Hmm. A bit down from the 28 or so last year. Oh well. Still, a good time was had by those of us there and we left 5 minutes til 7. Ran a quick errand on the way home and then, well, home. So far I’ve managed to add some info to the Resource Page and stare glazedly at the tv screen while I knit another 8 rows on the Plait sleeves. Of course I have plenty of other things to do, point is: I’m beat! I was up til almost 1am this morning and I’m starting to really feel it. I may not make it an ‘early’ night tonight, but it’ll definitely be an on-time one!

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