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If it’s November, it must be a wordcount!

It’s a slow start for day 1. I may write more later but I really need to get to work on tidying the apartment so I’m willing to stop for the night here. If nothing else I’ll try and get up early tomorrow morning and write some. Friday night is out (I have plans!) but Saturday is the first write-in of the month. Oh, I should probably send out a reminder email, shouldn’t I? Adding it to the list!

This year’s story is turning out a lot differently already than I thought it would. I had written a short story for the Bard’s site several months ago and though that maybe it could be turned into a longer work along the genre of detective/medical examiner fiction. But as I was thinking about it today at work, paths started to branch out and suddenly I’m looking at subverting an American legend into the basis for some freakish cult set in Ohio and it’s beginning to sound a lot more like an M. Night Shamylan work than Patricia Cornwall. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, just remarking how easily the page turns and courses redirect.

Oh, and I don’t forsee another update before Sunday since I’ll have company this weekend. Not sure, other than the write-in, how much writing or computer time I’ll have. Good luck WriMos!

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