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And thank heavens for that. It seemed like it took forever to get started drawing tonight. In fact, the first panel of Wednesday’s strip took a full hour. But I’m really proud of some of the poses I managed to draw in the 2nd and 5th panels so it all balances out. Still working on Friday’s pencils but there’s several panels still virtually blank so they may spill over into tomorrow.

Now for something completely different. I’ve been sporadically exposing Spectrum to various movies he’s never watched before. This weekend is was Oscar! with Sylvester Stallone. I’m not really a Sly fan, but this movie makes me giggle whenever i see it. Last weekend it was Lemony Snickett’s a Series of Unfortunate Events, before that Coyote Ugly and before that Sugar and Spice. So far he’s found them all enjoyable and some (SnS, primarily) laugh-out-loud funny 🙂 Granted, there are some movies I’d never ask him to watch (Clueless comes immediately to mind) but there are plenty of others I can mine for entertainment value.

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