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Shopping recap for the weekend

10.75 spent on a pink martini glass lamp for the bar

79.57 total spent on shoes
 (4 pairs, average 19.89 per)

26.30 total spent on accessories
 (5 items, average 5.26 per)

317.36 total spent on clothing
 (23 items, average 13.79 per)
    1 dress
    5 jammies
    1 pr shorts, 3 pr pants, 4 skirts
    9 shirts

And that’s what I did with my weekend. Not including a trip to the grocery store, a stop at the liquor store and 2 meals out.  But you get the picture. After a whole month of not shopping, I suppose I was due for a splurge. Granted, of the above, most of it was on store charge accounts (nice to have for the few times a year I go and refit my wardrobe, lol).

Most of the clothes are work clothes (obviously not the jammies, those are for recuperating from surgery and so forth) that will get me through quite a while. The shoes were an attempt to find comfy sandals/casuals with mid-height heels for walking around in at DragonCon and I think I finally managed to cover those bases (I can’t do 3 days in flats or tennis shoes without serious tendinitis pain and my current heeled options aren’t con-floor friendly).

And speaking of jammies! Even though I was specifically looking for nightgowns and sleep shirts I saw this one tank-and-short set that I _had_ to have: it’s got martini-swilling monkeys on it, hello?!?

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