Shinrone Day 1

Everyday Adventures

Well… I suppose it’s not really day 1. Day one would have been when I finally ordered the wool for this thing back between Christmas and New Years’s. Day 2 probably would have been 3 months later when I finally got up the nerve to pre-wash said fabric. So, I suppose this is more like Day 3.

Tonight I finally got up the courage to cut into the 100% wool gabardine (pink!) and cut the pieces for the bodice. Then I recut the front pieces because even though I’ve read the instructions half a dozen times or more, and I’ve seen the note about the period construction adjustment that has to be made, I still completely blanked. Oh well, I ordered nine yard of fabric and if I have to cut fewer than 23 skirt panels, I think I’ll be fine (because that will be one or two fewer panels to triple-welt before being pleated on).

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