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One of the very cool things about weddings in the digital age is how easy it is to find inspiration for this, that, and every other thing. And if your vendors are equally hooked-up, you can accomplish quite a lot of collaboration without having to meet umpteen million times–and that’s good for everyone.

Kara suggested we follow each other on Pinterest so that she could see the sort of images we liked and, therefore, get a feel for the type of pictures she needs to plan for.

About a week and a half before our engagement session, Todd and I finally sat down and scrolled through a giant search of anything Pinterest pulled up for engagement images. This was our result:

Screenshot of our E-Pic Inspirations board

Screenshot of our E-Pic Inspirations board

Obviously if you want to see more detail you can click directly on our E-Pic Inspirations board.

I really hadn’t expected that Todd would like so many vintage-styled photos. Had I even thought that was possible we would have started to plan a lot earlier than we did (not like we didn’t have 3 months!) and could have put together props and particular wardrobe choices. Since we didn’t (read as: I procrastinated sitting down with him for this task), we took what we could from the images we liked and went with it.

I was a little concerned about having too many kissy-face pictures. We’re not against public displays of affection within the bounds of taste, I’m just not sure it’s possible to get good pictures while you’re sucking face, you know? Still, I didn’t say anything to the photographer about it. Why? Because I didn’t want to limit her too much. It’s way too easy to make a vendor so self-conscious that you end up limiting the fun stuff, too. So I just decided to wait and see how it all worked out on the kissing pictures front.

Some things that we really wanted out of photos:

  1. Pops of color
  2. Interesting backgrounds
  3. A sense of fun

How did we do? Stay tuned to find out!

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