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Slightly hyperbolic, that, but it works. My appointment with the new gastro was today (or, well, his nurse practitioner, which is fine, I tend to see my primary’s ARNP more than him and prefer it that way) which led to blood work and x-rays and a repeat appointment (this time with the gastro himself) on the 27th. Of course, the nerves associated with seeing my 13th doctor in 6 years had me completely flushed and energy went down the tubes.

Still, I managed to get next week’s comics finished tonight so I officially have a week’s buffer for the moment. The plan will be to start the week after’s Sunday afternoon and continue until the month is complete. Then I can start on the extra content for the Year 1 book. So far, so good.

Made pork chops for probably the last time in a while tonight. See, even though my lowered carb diet was high in fiber and all sorts of healthy stuff, it also tended to contain red meat and pork. Even if it’s my thyroid exacerbating the cholesterol, that stuff probably wasn’t helping so I’m switching over to Menu Mailer’s Heart Healthy version. The up side, I suppose, is I get more whole grains worked into the mix (which I’d been pretty good about before), the down side being similar, lol. So far the first menu I’ve printed doesn’t depend on tofu, just lots of turkey, chicken, fish and cheese. Going to give this a shot for a few weeks and see if I can maintain the slow-but-steady weight loss using this menu. If not, it’s back to the Low-Carb but I’ll just substitute chicken or turkey for the pork and beef or something. Thus begins the experiment. But first, pizza tomorrow night with Spectrum and the new Friday shows 🙂 (I totally intend to get the whole wheat crust, though, that’s got to count for something!)

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