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Than to pick up a mystery novel at bedtime. More than 3 hours later I _finally_ convinced myself to put the book down, turn out the light and attempt to go to sleep. It was tough. But I finished the book after work so I wouldn’t face the same temptation, tonight.

It was a productive weekend, though! The examples for the first two October articles took longer than expected but I got them both done AND finished the article drafts. Plus I’m a week up on the comic and plan to get two more weeks done this week (tonight was mostly organizing bills, scanning and uploading). I’m in good shape!

What I also did tonight was grocery shopping. I thought Monday night wouldn’t be so busy but WOW was I wrong! It was absolute madness in there and totally due to student infiltration. The worst aisles, not surprisingly, were the pasta/sauce aisle and the bread/soda aisle. And no one says excuse me or even tries not to block corners or narrow passages. And this is our future. Polite, isn’t it?

But the strangest thing of all? The occupational physics of bagging that allows the check-out girl to think that a clamshell-container with a single piece of chocolate cake (my reward for not skipping this errand/putting up with the massive headache) is safe in a plastic bag with 2 very large sweet potatoes. It’s right up there when they stand a tray of sushi on it’s end between boxes of cereal and dishwashing powder. Might as well combine a carton of eggs with some loose rocks. Of course, maybe it was the rocks in her head that scrambled her brains…

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