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You know, I had a really good time this weekend. But that does not change the fact that I’m grateful this was the exception (activity-wise) rather than the norm.

So. Friday is supposed to be my usual home-body night hanging out in front of the TV with my sketchbook. The hanging out started a bit later than normal since I needed to go by First Friday at 6:30 to drop off a dance costume. To kill between work and FF I ran a necessary errand to Office Depot followed by a slightly less necessary but very fortuitous trip to Marshalls. FF was good, too. I picked up a few small items at a couple of shops, saw some great art, and headed home before I was totally worn out.

About 9 or so I get online to work on some stuff and I turned YIM on in case anyone wanted to chat. Books messages me and we get to talking about what we’re going to do Saturday night. Then she mentions that her friend, we’ll call him Barcelona, wants to do something that night when she closes the shop but she’s not really sure what to suggest. Long-story short? I ended up meeting the both of them at St Mike’s for pool. (I don’t quite get the naming of a bar/pool hall after a saint… chuch, yes. bar, no. But its sacreligious enough to intrigue me anyway.) We left there just after last call and walked around the corner to All Saints so we could continue our conversation without the cigarette smoke and loud music (80s rock… totally awesome. I can also recommend the Pear Cider on tap. Yum. But, as Books discovered, don’t expect the wine to be good.). I got to bed at a quarter to five.

I’m not sure sleeping in until 11am really counts as sleeping in when you didn’t go to bed until 4:45.

Saturday I was actually somewhat productive: letter written and mailed, laundry done, minor housework, etc. I debated taking a nap but it was so late by the time the laundry finished that I knew I’d be way too groggy come 9pm when I had to meet Books. Though others were invited, it ended up being just me, Books and Dream at the BBC. (Well, okay, there were a lot more people there but they weren’t with /us/ or anything.) The performance was AWESOME. I love me some live music and in this little cinder block club it was just the best I’ve heard in a while. The beer was cold and the fried fish (I got the mullet–it was very fresh) was yummy. We left right after the second set and made it home from the back of beyond at a reasonable hour. I was in bed by 3.

It definitely counts as sleeping in when you’ve gone to bed at 3 and get up at 1 =)

Owing to the cooler than usual temperatures, Easter dinner was Turkey gumbo and corn casserole. Oh my, it was so good. A nice, low-key kind of holiday. J & K stopped by for a little bit (K’s family is very into every holiday and they have this day-long appearance schedule to meet) and then I toddled on home with my easter basket to veg out the rest of the evening.

Again, I am /so/ grateful I don’t do this sort of thing every weekend, but every now and then it feels good to be this social.

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