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(not tonight, this was last week)

So. Wednesday night I’d cook a bunch so had planned overs so I wouldn’t have to worry about lunch/dinner on Thursday, right? Only, well, I didn’t really want spinach-topped tofu with squash and kale when I got home Thursday night. What I decided I wanted was a good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

Hey, being an adult means you can eat like a kid when you want, right?

Problem being, I don’t generally keep bread in the house. In fact, the few times I go out and buy bread it usually goes bad before I can use it up, even when I keep in the fridge. I had a meeting a to get to before too very long and I really didn’t want to have to go to the store for just a load of bread (because what are the chances that would be all I left with? Yeah, I agree).

Also to keep in mind is the fact that the only crackers I routinely keep on hand are Carr Rosemary Crackers and, while I’m sure it would be an interesting flavor combination and I have no doubt that somewhere there is a perfectly good recipe containing the base flavors of peanuts, strawberries and rosemary, if I’m going to eat dinner like a 4 year old I really don’t want it muddled by the tastes of my 30-year old self.

But I was saved, after all, by a forgotten box of graham crackers in the pantry.

Now, I learned something on this evening (and no, it’s not to always have bread in the house). When one attempts to eat a peanut butter and jelly on graham cracker dinner there are two ways to successfully go about it. Basically, one cannot merely chomp down on the rectangular sandwhich: this leads to massive loss of filling unless one has been stingy and why on earth would one do that? So, the two methods…

Option A is to develop a particular bite-style that allows both the top and bottom grahams to break separately so as to prevent mushing. I found that by catching the upper edge first, causing a natural break to occur in the cracker, then following up with the bottom graham seemed to yield the most satisfactory results with minimal mess, but did require a bit of oral dexterity and practice (not that this is a bad thing).

Option B, however, is by far the simpler method and also has the benefit of reducing your carbohydrate intake. Simply put, make the sandwhich open faced and snack away.

Accompanied by a cartoon-adorned mug of milk it was a delightful dinner, I must say. At least the four year old thought so!

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