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My taste buds that is. Allow me to explain.

On the cruise we had some truly excellent dining so you wouldn’t think that a salad would be what spoiled me, right? Wrong! They had the absolute BEST Caesar salads in the dining room. You could tell that they used fresh garlic and just the right amount of sardines to make the dressing just salty enough. Too perfect for words.

So last night Mom asked me to join her for dinner at Broadway Restaurante. Unfortunately they’ve had a menu change and the quality has gone down overall and, being an Italian restaurant, most items include tomato sauce of one stripe or another. Nonetheless, I enjoy the few things that are safe for me to eat.

Imagine my surprise and consternation when the Caesar salad was the most bland, boring thing I’d ever tasted. It could have been iceberg with olive oil for the flavor it didn’t have. How rude! The croutons were the best part.

But enough about food, check out the latest bit of inspiration to come out of chatter with palmie.

Party in the Handbasket

If I have to explain, we were being catty earlier and she asked did she get a prize for a dubious accomplishment. I told her all she was liable to get was a cosy handbasket ride, but at least the company would be good. To which she replied: Party in the Handbasket!

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