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Now that I’m back from vacation and have had my week to recover I’m doing my best to get back into a regular routine including exercise. Yesterday I was all jazzed to be proactive but since I had a 7pm conference call with the West Coast (don’t I sound all important) going for a walk might mean being late for the call. Pilates DVD it was!

Today I felt that so very much. Wow. I mean, I understand my obliques being sore because, well, I’m out of shape. Same with my back: those roll-ups are brutal! But what is up with my arms? It’s not like much time was spent on all fours or even on my stomach. There were no weights, only some controlled movements. Well, let me tell you that movement is very much controlled right now! Just reaching around to unhook my bra was torture!

Of course, since I’d mainly worked from the torso up yesterday, today (meeting and conference call free) was designated as a walking day. Because its just not fair that only half of my body hate me???

I made it a full 30 minutes and then some I think. That’s twice around the large loop at San Luis park in palmie’s ‘varied terrain.’ I was seriously thinking about wimping out after the first lap because my legs were absolutely burning but I stuck it out and forced my way through the second lap without taking any of the connector trails (short cuts). Go me!

Tomorrow is really going to hurt.

But on the to-do front I actually managed to get another of the Super Secret projects crossed off last night and tonight after my walk I sketched next week’s comic, started my first eHow article, and began compiling the info needed for the Yule bid. I had hoped to have that last one ready for the officer’s meeting tomorrow night but it may need to wait a bit more. Giving it another week will also allow me to fill in more of the non-essential positions before submission but I’ve got enough now to actually apply for the event.

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