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Holy cow but I’m beat, my head is pounding, and the dissipating adrenaline rush is causing a low blood sugar attack.

But it was worth it. Oh, my, how it was worth it. Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert for nearly 3 straight hours. I have pictures (crappy cell-phone pictures, of course) but they will get downloaded/uploaded another day. I have no idea how they’ll look being that they are (again) crappy cell-phone pictures but I think they might be okay, really.

The concert was awesome. I now must download their other 2 albums (Lost Christmas Eve and Beethoven’s Last Night) as well as track down some Savatage because I recognized one of the non-TSO songs they performed after the not really an intermission (seriously, there wasn’t much of a break even though some people must have thought it was over when they started introducing everyone) from the radio and now must find it and listen to it some more.

Dude… they so rocked…

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