2 down, 209 to go

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That’s how many boxes there are on my end of year to-do list. Allow me to elaborate:

6 projects (comic and writing related)
28 tasks between them
211 progress boxes (because even the broken-down tasks still have multiple parts that can be done in measurable units)

That’s a lot to do in 6 weeks! (and doesn’t actually count the Christmas knitting I’m trying to get done, as well)

Now, at first glance, one might wonder why I don’t take a week and a project and just concentrate on one thing at a time, module style. A) Burnout B) certain projects will require more than a week

Granted, when I prioritized the 6 projects, 1 or 2 of them can float into January so it’s not horrible, but January will also bring another set of deadlines and I don’t want to have some of these things still hanging over my head. So, in order to facilitate this list getting done I will be much more devoted to work instead of play in the evenings and (this is the hard part) not sleeping in so much on the weekends. That’s gonna hurt, but getting this stuff done is more important. Plus the holiday breaks may help, as well (there’s a possibility of extra days off around Christmas, but not definite yet).

So 2 down, 209 to go, 6 weeks to do it in. Start the over/under pool now, lol.

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One thought on “2 down, 209 to go

  1. Late to the party, I know, but dude. Of course you’ll finish. This is the sort of thing that makes you thrive.

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