Everyday Adventures

That’s what I’m working towards right now. Normalizing the chaos and craziness in my life.

I had several good talks last night with friends about what was going on and to at least one I said ‘I’m finally, now, done with the prodding of people. I’ve felt like, in these last few weeks, I was constantly poking someone saying ‘hey, pay attention, fix this’ about both me and my car. Well, the car has been traded in, all I have to do now is make the payments. I’ve got the attention of the doctors and its in their hands, processing the lab tests so all I can do is wait, at least for a little bit. I can finally rest.’

In 2 weeks I go to Shands. So for two weeks I get to work on things that I want to. I get two weeks of not fighting, of not having to worry, of reduced stress levels. I also found out that the mural project no longer has a Dec.1 deadline for completion, so whew! I can take some more time on that. There’s an event this weekend but I decided I really just needed the downtime. I’m going to rest and play on the computer (because I still ahve projects… always have projects) and work on getting the apartment ready for next weekend.

I feel so much better about things in this particular moment.

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