Everyday Adventures

Okay, so the title is definitely un-inspired, but hey, it’s accurate!

I didn’t post this weekend (bad blogger, bad) but it’s because I was getting so. much. done. Seriously. After hanging up the combo cork & dry erase board I bought 2 weeks ago (yes, I know… ) I made myself a generalized list of tasks to be tackled in various areas. There were 14 items on that list and by bedtime Sunday night I had finished 6 of them and two were being worked on. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Some of the big things tackled were finishing the clean-up of the living room and dining room which are both, for all intents and purposes, done! Wohoo! I have a couple of small stacks of magazines to go through and cull for ideas and articles, but that’s perfect to do while watching CSI 🙂

Also on the done list is some prep for NaNoWriMo (municipal liaison stuff) and flyers for the dance show on Dec.1; all-in-all a satifying weekend, but still plenty of stuff to do this last week of October (where did the time go?).

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