Morning, muscles; Didja miss me?

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Oh. My. Word.

So… who else thinks it would be crazy to restart dance classes in the middle of July? Show of hands? Yes, me too, but that’s certainly what I did last night. After a 6-month-plus hiatus on account of the tendonitis and such I’m back to dancing at Chandra’s once a week.

Granted, I haven’t practiced at home even in those 6 months, though the three and a half choreographies I’d learned through last fall were kept relatively fresh in my mind thanks to having the music loaded onto my iTunes player at work and they do come up in the ‘Party Shuffle’ mode. Because of this, and the fact they were still doing those same routines in the Intermediate class I jumped into, I didn’t fair too badly, remembering most things but I would lose my concentration easily and oh, the lack of technique is dismal right now.

Still, I think I did okay. I made it through the entire class, and Julie actually gave me a compliment in the beginning when she handed me a flyer for the Performance Troupe saying ‘I know you’re interested and I know you’re good enough.’ Of course, that’s before we started dancing… hopefully she doesn’t need to rethink that last part now. 😉

Tonight I’m going back but I’m being good, pacing myself, and just hanging out in the Performace class to help transcribe the choreographies (NO dancing). I’m a fairly good technical writer and can put the moves into written style and charts a la marching band instructions, and that helps some people so I’ll do what I can.

It was good to be back, however. Even if it meant sweating profusely for an hour then having to ice both heels when I got home. I’ll make sure to practice more of the combinations we started with to keep the hip muscles fluid and hopefully be back to performing with the group by the next First Friday!

One thought on “Morning, muscles; Didja miss me?

  1. HORAY DANCING!!! :-)!
    I’m glad that you’re able to get back into things now. I wish I was gonna be here for the next 1st Friday.
    I hope you can come out to SCA dance practice Monday – it’s my last one for a while (since I’m moving :-(!).


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