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Shall I explain?

Well, see, the thing of it is, I did something not completely bright yesterday evening. For those that do not know, I have a stimulant sensitivity and since over Christmas break it got even more sensitive I’ve had no significant amount of caffiene since December. Yes, it sucks, and it makes my coffee order awfully complicated, but such is life.

So, last night, I go to Knit Night at Borders and stop by the cafe first for an iced coffee. I remembered to order the soy milk (because yes, I’m lactose intolerant too!) but somehow got sidetracked and only ordered the Medium Hazlenut Latte Iced, Soy… and not decaf.

Two and a half hours later and I head home I notice that I’m feeling kind of shaky and I first thought it was because I only picked at dinner before leaving the apartment. Then I passed it off as coming down from that natural, contact high that being around 20 or so high-energy females can cause. Until, that is, I reached for my coffee (which was still, blessedly, half full) and realized that much to my dismay I was merely over-caffienated.

It was then that I truly understood georgie_bird’s anectdote from Sunday about being absolutely wired because of a brainless moment and not being able to do a dog-gone thing about it.

Except that I thought, perhaps, there was something I could do about it. First, I made sure to eat dinner when I got home, even though it was late, because I figured I didn’t need a low blood-sugar attack on top of everything else. Second, I made myself a cup of chamomile tea, which has calming properties, to hopefully counteract the caffiene coursing through my once sedate veins.

I did actually sleep. Though it took quite a while to get there and I don’t think I slept soundly at any point. The very air seemed to reflect my addled state, heat lightening flickering through my windows as I tried to calm my mind and my nerves as I lay in bed.

It was towards morning when I had the strangest dream…

I, georgie_bird, and a third person totally unknown to myself were sitting at a small table, obviously at an event as we were in garb, and the stranger was berrating georgie_bird (genially) for something or another and georgie_bird said in her way, as she removed her glasses, ‘I know, I know.’ But this is not the strange part.

She was wearing, for lack of a better description, an Elizabethan gown of some sort, a light olive green in color (I remember looking very closely at it and being reminded of the olive CTMH cardstock I like so very much) with slashed sleeves, etc. It was the sleeves that were particulary interesting for while they were slashed, the chemise had not been pulled and puffed through. Come to think of it, this was what the stranger was harping upon, and then she proceded to pull the chemise through the slashes of georgie_bird’s left arm as I, on her right, was encouraged to do the same.

I believe I demurred manhandling georgie_bird in such a way, but this was when I looked very closely at the garment itself, noted the particular green color of the over dress, and the pattern of the chemise: red apples, in groups and singles, on an ecru background, with red and dark green plaid bands run through, shot with metallic gold thread, at random intervals.

Not that I’ve ever seen georgie_bird in anything resembling Elizabethan garb, nor anything apple-patterned, but it’s certainly an interesting concept…

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  1. Gee Sweetie, I’m glad I could fuel your caffine-soaked brain…..I think. I do own a bit of Elizabethen, and wear it once in a blue moon since the persona is mid-16th C. Olive green is a color I like a lot, and I’m rather fond of apples. Since I am on the verge of forsaking my corsets in favor of the more comfortable ropa, I may have to see what I can find in this combination.

    Oh, and thank you for not man-handling me.

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